We created our studio “the SuperSystem” last year, and since then we have been busy recording a large portfolio of rwandan hiphop and R&B songs, interspersed with close harmony which is our true speciality.
Our studio in Rugunga, while small and not a plush environment (except for the vocal recording booth!), is equipped with state of the art digital audio recording tools from major manufacturers that turns many audio dreams into audible reality…
We do not compromise on quality. Songs produced by us have a well balanced and transparant auditive feel, with excellent vocals and instrument recordings. We also guide the artist to improve singing and composing techniques, and of course we do create song tracks too. Read more...


Moshi moshi? Hello? This is the SuperSystem speaking!
May we introduce ourselves? We are Freezo, Holu and Puff G, and we are a youthful team of rwandan producers who help new talent to create hiphop and R&B songs.
All of us share a vivid interest for music in its infinite variety of styles and rhytms, but our real passion is what we call “next level african hiphop”, and rwandan R&B. We are not shy of mixing styles neither…
The SuperSystem
copyright: Freezoproductions